Report Suspicious Activity


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We encourage all persons passing information to GRV to include contact details because follow up information is often required.

If you wish to remain anonymous fill in only the information section of the form and submit.

Greyhound Racing Victoria is committed to an industry that displays the highest Integrity. To this end, all members of the greyhound racing community are responsible.

A part of achieving this level of integrity is to gather any information that may point to unlawful or inappropriate activity relevant to our industry.

GRV strongly encourages all members of our community and any member of the general public to report on the attached form any such information.

Additionally anonymous information, that you wish to pass onto GRV, can also be passed on as per the below details.

In addition to being able to send information to, information can also be passed to the Racing Integrity Commissioner. Complaints will be requested to be made in writing, by post or by email.

If anonymity is preferred, the Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner has a Racing Integrity Hotline that we strongly encourage any members of the greyhound racing family or members of the public to utilize to report improper conduct.

Racing Integrity Hotline:1300 227 225

Note: The Racing Integrity Hotline is run by STOPline - an independent, confidential and impartial disclosure management service which allows individuals to report corrupt or improper conduct anonymously without the fear of reprisal.

Should you wish to remain anonymous when contacting the Racing Integrity Hotline you will be issued with a confidential code and password for future reference. If you request, your identity will not be provided to the Commissioner or his office.